Crafty Breaks mosaic workshop is aimed at beginners, but as we cover a few styles and techniques even those with experience will discover something new. We don’t use kits, so everyone produces unique mosaics from the basic materials and you get to design your own pieces, in your own style and completely free choice of subject matter.

blue tile mosaic with an inset red heart, made on a Waunifor Crafty Break.

When most people think of mosaics they think of small square tiles made of glass or ceramic but that is only one type. You can also make mosaics from natural materials such as beans and seeds, pebbles and stones. A ‘crazy mosaic’ is made from broken pieces of china, glass nuggets, beads and any other ‘found’ objects that you wish to put in. On a Crafty Break Mosaic workshop we cover all these techniques, and having learnt the basics you are free to choose your materials and mix and match them to produce your own very personal pieces.

You may have a design in mind, or if you need inspiration we have lots of source material available including images that can be copied or traced. Those who have already developed art or design skills can run free, and those with less experience will find all the assistance they need to make something to be proud of. With our small groups, everyone gets plenty of help at all stages, including finding the best design for working with these materials.

Choose square tiles, round glass nuggets, pieces of broken crockery or combinations of each according to your design. You may have a favourite plate or cup that is damaged, in which case bring it along and give a new lease of life as part of your mosaic. It’s recycling at its best!
We never throw away our chipped china at Waunifor, and support our local charity shops by buying attractive plates for our mosaic stocks.

A mosaic in process.

Allow two sessions for mosaics, ideally a morning and an afternoon on the same day. You will not only take home a couple of attractive original mosaics, but also the skills to carry on with this delightful craft at home.

All the materials are provided and no previous knowledge or experience is needed - just come along and enjoy!

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