Felt Making

From fleece to finished article!

felt egg-cosy felting

On a Crafty Breaks felt making workshop we take you through the process of hand made felt from start to finish. You start with fleece that has been washed and carded and dyed into a range of beautiful colours and end up with a selection of your own attractive, natural, hand-felted items.
We start you off with simple shapes such as balls and beads and flat pieces like pot stands or pictures and then once you have the hang of it progress to bags, hats, tea cosies and any other 3D projects that take your fancy. Whatever you decide to make there is always plenty of help along the way.

On our workshops you learn the wet felt making technique, which is the traditional method for felt making, where you use water, soap and agitation to mat the fibres of the fleece into this beautiful, versatile fabric which is warm, light and naturally attractive.

Felt doesn’t fray so flat pieces can easily be sewn together to make a variety of items such as bags and slippers. The fleece can also be felted around a template or block to make a complete 3D piece without any sewing.

This absorbing craft is deceptively simple and addictively enjoyable. After learning the basics you can choose what you would like to make on the workshop - and carry on at home with very little equipment needed. We have some books and samples to inspire ideas or design your own unique project.

Allow two sessions for felt-making, ideally a morning and an afternoon on the same day.

felt fleece

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