Card Making

card and tools

On our card making workshops you have the opportunity to make greetings cards from a large selection of enticing materials.

We have a good selection of card stock (with matching envelopes) for you to choose from, we then let you run wild with bits and pieces of textured papers in a myriad of colours, lots and lots of shiny stuff, stamps, paints, punches and plenty of inspiring samples and ideas. Warning: you will return home covered in glitter, and very likely addicted to card making! This workshop could be the start of a rewarding hobby.

We usually do a half day card making workshop. This is enough time to have a good play with all our materials and produce several cards, but you could have a whole day if you wish.

Glass paints on acetate combined with card making

There are a wealth of ready-made card embellishments on the market which simply have to be stuck onto a card - this is easy but ultimately not very rewarding! We show you how to make your own ‘bits and pieces’ which is much more satisfying and in tune with why you wanted to do crafts in the first - you wanted to produce something unique, and you wanted to make it yourself.

Learning a few techniques and getting the hang of designing with the help of our tutor will set you up for a future of happy card production. Using any scraps that catch your eye, you’ll be coming up with unique creations and never get bored because the variations in styles, colours and textures are infinite.

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