Bead making and bead jewellery

Beads are luscious mini works of art! Why we love beads...
...all colours - like luscious jewels or the eyes on a peacock feather... Or soft and subtle like a misty sky or the petals of a rose ... Natural tones of wood or stone
...all shapes and textures - from tiny intricately decorated cylinders to the not-quite-round of handmade pottery to smooth glass or polished wood
...all styles - pretty, delicate and flowery...quirky, jazzy, eye-catching... Simple, natural and beautiful...opulent, bold and extravagant
Making your own bead jewellery helps you express who you are.

Choosing your beads from our mouth-watering selection is most enjoyable; putting them together into a piece of jewellery that you can wear home is simply marvellous!


Bead Making

This workshop usually takes place before a jewellery making workshop, so that you can take your lovely hand made beads and straight away create your own fab pieces.
We show you techniques of bead-making using polymer clays. Polymer ‘clay’ is a modelling medium made from PVC that comes in a huge range of colours and is baked (at a low temperature) in a domestic oven to harden. Unlike natural clay, it does not shrink or change colour in the baking. It can be used with special glitters and also have glass and metal pressed in to produce different effects.

three glass beads

There are a range of techniques that you will learn in this workshop, such as millefiori and marbling.
There are a lot of colours to choose from and more can be made by blending, the shapes and patterns are also up to you, so the end result is completely unique and personal.

Above to the left is a small selection of hand made beads to illustrate.


Bead Jewellery

If you think you can learn to make a small loop in a piece of wire, you will be making your own jewellery within a few minutes.
We have a wonderfully wide selection of beads and findings, plus all the tools and know-how to help you make a wide variety of attractive bead jewellery.

beads and tools

Learn the basic techniques and then choose what you would like to make: we have all you need to make earrings in different shapes and styles, chokers, necklaces, rings, hair-slides, bracelets and bangles.
We have plenty of samples, books and magazines to help with design inspiration.
During a half day workshop you can expect to make several pairs of earrings and one or two, possibly more other items depending on the complexity of your design.

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